"What a discrepancy there is between ideas and living."
-Henry Miller

We are confident that none of our hydrocarbon reserves are now or will become ‘stranded’. We believe producing these assets is essential to meeting growing energy demand worldwide.

Call Climate Change What It Is: Violence | Common Dreams
Here is one of the most horrifying, obscene, and ultimately criminal statements from a sociopathic criminal mind you will ever read^^^

Tom Mitchell of the Overseas Development Institute, a British think tank, said a lowering of ambitions since the failure of Copenhagen might allow progress towards a global plan of action to combat the problem. “I’m more hopeful that we’ll get some kind of agreement, but it’s not going to be quite the one that the world needs,” he said.

'The costs of inaction are catastrophic': John Kerry responds to UN report on carbon emissions
“I’m quite confident we can jump half way across this chasm” Tom Mitchell of Green Compromisers Coalition said, “and when we are through falling into the abyss, well we will pick ourselves up just like Wile E. Coyote always did, and send of to ACME for a repair kit.”

To have even a 50/50 chance of hitting the 2° target (which, they and many others warn, already involves facing an array of hugely damaging climate impacts), the industrialised countries need to start cutting their greenhouse-gas emissions by something like 10 per cent a year – and they need to start right now.

Comment Thread: Planetary Hospice on NBL

  • Plankton are the foundation of all life on earth. Their bio-chemistry is extraordinarily dependant on ocean temperature. The heat lowers their numbers, which form the food chain. Some think we have lost 40% of earth’s plankton in 50 years. http: //www.climatenewsnetwork.net/2013/09/plankton-will-suffer-as-oceans-warm/ In the following link, you can see how a UK sea bird called the kittiewake is 87% gone since 2000.
  • The kittiewake eats the sandeels, who need to eat the plankton, that can’t survive in the warmer oceans. This is the essence of catastrophic cascading collapse leading to planetary state shift affecting basic ecological services such as every second breath you take. This is because plankton produce 50% of earth’s oxygen. How long do you think this can go on? http: //www.climatenewsnetwork.net/2014/03/uk-seabirds-sound-climate-warning/

The Climate Change Deniers Have Won | Common Dreams

"How can you persuade countries to accept huge reductions in their living standards to limit (not stop) the rise in temperatures? How can you persuade the human race to put the future ahead of the present?"